Droplet vaporization has been targeted as one of the primary mechanisms for initiating and sustaining combustion instability. Past research has studied droplet vaporization in the presence of an acoustic field to determine if the acoustic field has an influence on the vaporization rate. These studies looked for an increase or decrease in the time averaged vaporization rate due to the acoustic field by measuring droplet diameter as a function of time. This research focuses on the fuel vapor wake as a means to reveal the instantaneous perturbation in the droplet vaporization due to an imposed acoustic field. An exciplex vapor/liquid visualization technique is used to image the fuel vapor wake downstream of a vaporizing droplet at discreet phases of a longitudinal acoustic field. The results indicate that longitudinal acoustic waves can couple with the vaporization process and cause perturbations in the spatial distribution of the fuel vapor that occur at the same frequency of the imposed acoustic field.

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