In order to investigate the effect of toughened composites on the dynamic behavior of the laminated composite plates under in-plane loading, a simply supported laminated composite plate under the axial in-plane dynamic load is studied. A model for symmetric cross-ply laminated composite plate is presented here. The gorvening equations of motion are obtained by using Lagrange equations. The laminated composite plates are made from various composite materials, such as, Graphite/Epoxy, Graphite/PEKK, Graphite/PEEK, and Kevlar/PEKK. This model considers the large strain, transverse inertia, and neglects the in-plane inertia. The static critical buckling load is determined. The static part and the amplitude of dynamic part of the load are less than the static critical buckling load. Dynamic buckling of the laminated composite plates is studied for dynamic instability regions and primary responses. Linear solution for dynamic instability region is obtained. Also, the linear natural frequencies are determined for different compressive loads and materials. Nonlinear solution for primary responses is also obtained. The effects of the toughened composites on the dynamic buckling responses of the plates are evaluated.

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