The Department of Computer Integrated Design (DiK) at the TU Darmstadt deals with the Digital Twin topic from the perspective of virtual product development. A concept for the architecture of a Digital Twin was developed, which allows the administration of simulation input and output data. The concept was built under consideration of classical CAE process chains in product development. The central part of the concept is the management of simulation input and output data in a simulation data management system in the Digital Twin (SDM-DT). The SDM-DT takes over the connection between Digital Shadow and Digital Master for simulation data and simulation models.

The concept is prototypically implemented. For this purpose, real product condition data were collected via a sensor network and transmitted to the Digital Shadow. The condition data were prepared and sent as a simulation input deck to the SDM-DT in the Digital Twin based on the product development results. Before the simulation data and models are simulated, there is a comparison between simulation input data with historical input data from product development. The developed and implemented concept goes beyond existing approaches and deals with a central simulation data management in Digital Twins.

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