The paper is presented an application of horizontal rotational-forming in fabrication of thermoplastic sliding bearings for machine tools. In addition, general aspects regarding the flow process of thermoplastics by used rotational-forming of revolution parts are described. The heat of plastic material at melt-temperature point is realized by High Frequency Current Induction (HFCI) on a centrifugal molding installation of bimetallic bushes. From the experiment tests has observed that between melt-temperature point of thermoplastic material, revolution speed and size molding a synchronism is required, which depends of material density and whirl form of melting. The predictable revolution speed of metallic mold has achievement by technological attempts, in function of workpiece size and type of material. The charge weight is experimental determined in dependence of part’s thickness walls. This process leads to obtain the workpieces at high quality level and constant thickness walls. The new bearings have been made from polyamide-PA.6, which changed with success the bronze bearings used at drilling machine tools.

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