With the rapid development of cloud computer concept and technologies, more and more cloud-based business mode and practical applications are emerging in industrial environments, including cloud manufacturing and cloud logistics. Such cloud systems integrate the distributed resources and make best use of them to fulfill dynamic tasks in an optimal way. This paper will demonstrate a simple yet practical application of a cloud-based production logistics (PL) management system (C-PLES) developed under Internet-of-Things (IoT) environment. It collects both real-time process dynamics and resource statues from a ubiquitous PL environment to realize dynamic distributed capability matching. The systematic combination of IoT and cloud system enables the distributed PL terminal resources with uncertainties (e.g. availabilities and locations) to be optimally accessed and assigned to fulfill the real-time PL requirements generated from the dynamic production processes. It also enables the distributed execution data to be centrally managed and seamlessly switched among the dynamically accessed resources.

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