Vortex shedding from a stationary cylinder and transversely oscillating circular cylinder in a uniform flow at a Reynolds number of 5500 is numerically studied by three-dimensional Large Eddy Simulation (LES). The filtered equations are discretised using the finite volume method with an O-type structured grid and a second-order accurate method in both time and space. Firstly, the main wake parameters of a stationary cylinder are examined and compared for different grid resolutions. Secondly, a transversely oscillating cylinder with a constant amplitude in a uniform flow is investigated. The cylinder oscillation frequency ranges between 0.75 and 0.95 of the natural Kármán frequency, and the excitation amplitude is 50% of the cylinder diameter. Comparisons with the available experimental data indicate that the present study has properly predicted the flow statistics of the cylinder wake for both the fixed and oscillating cylinder case, and numerically captured the vortex switching phenomenon, which is characterized by changes in forces and wake mode of shedding observed in the previous experiments at high values of Reynolds number.

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