A method of time-domain collapse analysis of ship hull girder considering the interaction between elastoplastic deformation and hydrostatic/dynamic forces is developed. Ship hull girder is longitudinally divided by conventional beam elements, and progressive collapse behavior of cross sections is simulated by Smith method considering material yielding, buckling and post-buckling of structural elements. Average stress–average strain relationship of structural elements is transformed to average stress–average plastic strain relationship so that it can be treated as pseudo strain-hardening/softening effects. Strip method is used for the calculation of hydrodynamic forces on the hull girder. Hydrodynamic coefficients for cross-sections are calculated by 2D-BEM. In-house analysis code is developed and applied to the collapse analysis of a uniform hull-girder model under impulsive bending loads. The effects of load duration time on the dynamic collapse behavior of the hull girder are discussed.

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