The paper presents model tests with a floating hydrocarbon storage facility performed in SINTEF Ocean’s basin. The system may be considered a very large floating structure with a footprint of 300m × 310m. Hydrocarbons are stored into independent tanks, which are soft moored to a modular floating frame which is kept in station by dolphins. The system is composed of 14 tanks and 21 frame barge modules, therefore 35 connected floating bodies.

The objective of the model tests was twofold. First, to verify the feasibility of the global system, namely in terms of tank and frame motions, connection loads, station keeping loads and relative wave elevations. Second, to acquire data for tuning and validation of numerical models, i.e. to investigate effects that cannot be reliably established by simulations alone.

The model tests were performed in wave, current and wind conditions corresponding to 1 year and to 100 years return periods, in addition to a set a simplified wave conditions. The paper describes the model test setup, the experimental program, the procedures for analysis of test data, it presents representative results and discusses the main observations.

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