The impacts of a plate on an asymmetric water wedge with a constant speed and with varying speed are studied in this paper by considering the fluid to be incompressible, inviscid, weightless and with negligible surface tension effect and the flow to be irrotational. We derive the analytical solution for the impact with a constant speed with the help of Wagner’s function and Schwarz-Christophel mapping technique, and then proceed the numerical process given by following an iterative method. The verification is conducted by comparing the profile of free surface and the pressure distribution predicted by the present method and the published data. The impact with varying speed is first studied by VOF method and compared with the impact with a constant speed. An approximate solution is provided for the impact with speed that satisfies a power law of time based on the CFD results from VOF method. The approximate solution can provide an explicit expression for the pressure that is acting on the plate, which can describe the effects of the changing impact speed and the acceleration of plate.

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