The interaction between a spark-generated bubble and a non-oscillating air bubble attached to a horizontal rigid plate is investigated using a low-voltage spark-discharge setup. Large numbers of fascinating and complicated interactions are given rise during two bubble coupling pulsation due to the deformation property endowed to the plate through an air bubble attached. It is found that, under the combined influence of the cavitation and the structure, some complex phenomenon likes the bubble coalescence, air bubble skirt phenomenon, bubble splitting are given rise during the two bubble interaction procedure. The coupling phenomenon between the spark generated bubble, air bubble and the structure are discussed in detailed The mainly attention are paid to the coupled response of an attached quiescent bubble under oscillating bubble, the effect of the distance parameter and volume ratio parameter on the air bubble shapes are analyzed in detail, and the mechanism behind these phenomenon are investigated. Our study can be a useful scheme in the protection of a naval structure from threats induced by an explosion bubble impact loading.

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