Water entry of a rigid hemisphere is simulated using the unsteady incompressible Reynolds-Average Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations and volume of fluid (VOF) method, which are implemented in the open-source library OpenFoam. The solver InterDyMFoam is applied and the algorithm PIMPLE which is a combination of PISO (Pressure Implicit with Splitting of Operators) and SIMPLE (Semi-Implicit Method for pressure-Linked Equations) algorithms are used in the simulations. A second-order backward difference scheme is applied for the temporal discretization. A convergence and uncertainty study is performed considering different resolutions and constant Courant number (CFL) using the procedures recommended by ITTC. The comparisons of slamming loads and motions between the CFD simulations are presented using both laminar and turbulence fluid models for the hemisphere entering the water at various speeds. Turbulence is modelled with a Reynolds averaged stress (RAS) k-ω two-equation model. The turbulence effects on the slamming loads will be assessed for the case with different entry velocities.

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