Moisture Separator Reheaters (MSRs) of Nuclear power plants, especially 1st generation type (commercial operation started from between 1970 and 1982), has been suffered from various problems like severe erosion, moisture separation performance deterioration, drain sub cooling. To solve these problems and performance improvement, improved MSR was developed. At the new MSR, high performance SS439 stainless steel round type tube bundle was applied, where heating steam distribution is optimized by orifice plate in order to minimize the drain sub cooling. Based on the CFD approach, cycle steam distribution was optimized and FAC resistant material application for the internal parts of MSRs was determined. As a result, pressure drop was reduced by 0.6% against the HP turbine exhaust pressure. Performance of moisture separation was improved by the latest chevron type separator. Where, the reverse pressure is locally caused at the drainage area of the separator because remarkable longitudinal pressure distribution is formed by the high-speed steam flow in the manifold. Then, a new moisture separation structure was developed in consideration of the influence that this reverse pressure gave to the separator performance.

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