During a loss-of-coolant-accident in advanced light water reactors, outside coolant enters the cold leg by gravity to cool the core. This coolant is at a substantially lower temperature and thus is heavier than the liquid in and from the reactor. Consequently, stratified flow may occur. A stratified flow may cause condensation-induced water hammer, and will influence the coolant flow behavior. Two sets of experiments are in progress to better understand stratified flow conditions that lead to water hammer, and the density stratification behavior. The first set uses air-oil-water as the test media. Its purposes are to conduct exploratory tests and to provide instruction an apparatus for education purposes. The second set of tests will use steam and water and, later, the refrigerant R123. This paper describes the exploratory test facility, gives a brief description of the facility that will be used for the steam-water and refrigerant tests, describes the overall test plan, and finally gives some preliminary results on the intrusion of a lighter liquid into a pipe against flow.

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