The ability to forecast equipments failure is vital to reducing maintenance costs, operation downtime and safety hazards. In this paper, first, RBI application status in China is discussed. Through analyzing the existing condition of RBI technology on equipments, the necessary of dynamic risk management based on RBI is pointed out. After that, the development Status of RBI Software in China is put forward. Considering the shortcoming of these pieces of software, Static Equipment Predictive Maintenance Intelligent Management System is built by China Special Equipment Inspection & Research Institute (CSEI). The system integrates 8 core modules, including corrosion monitoring and management module, the remaining life evaluation calculation module, damage mode discrimination module, material upgrade management module, the analysis and prediction of erosion areas of the pipes module, risk analysis and dynamic updates module, safe operation of warning based on GIS module, the generation of the inspection scheme module. It provides timely the equipments operation condition information for the plant management departments, realizes the combination with plant management and condition monitoring. Finally, the scheme and the thoughts of the system are introduced in details. And the characteristics and functions of the proposed system have been demonstrated.

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