In this study, the fatigue crack growth behavior of Type 347 stainless steel (SS) used in pressurizer surge line in Korea Standard Nuclear Power Plant was analyzed. Environmental fatigue crack growth rates (FCGRs) were evaluated using pre-cracked compact tension (CT) specimens under the various simulated PWR water conditions; different levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) and loading frequencies. FCGRs of 347SSs were accelerated under PWR water conditions. When DO levels increased and frequency decreased, FCGR of 347SS increased. Under the more corrosive environment at crack tip, FCGRs were accelerated more. FCGRs of 347SSs under PWR water condition were compared with reference FCGR curves of stainless steel in ASME code section XI, ASME Code Case N-809, and JSME based on FCGR data of 304SS and 316SS. In this study, FCGRs of 347SS were slightly faster than reference curves in JSME under PWR environment but slower than that in JSME under BWR environment. Compared to reference FCGR curve in ASME Code Case N-809, FCGRs of 347 stainless steels are similar or slightly higher.

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