This special issue includes selected papers presented at the International Conference of Thermal and Mechanical Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems (EuroSimE), Paris, May 2001. The annual EuroSimE conference was initiated in 2000, as the only international conference focusing on mechanical, thermal and thermo-mechanical simulation and experiments in microelectronics and microsystems, with financial co-sponsorship from the EC, and technical co-sponsorship of IEEE-CPMT, in order to meet the growing needs and challenges in this rapidly progressing field.

The selected articles cover a broad field of technical subjects including mechanical simulation (both static and dynamic); thermo-mechanical simulation; thermal management; material characterization and modeling; thin-film mechanics; failure criteria and damage-modeling; continuum and micromechanics in microelectronics; interface strengths; experiments for model verification; product/process optimization; simulation-based optimization; virtual thermo-mechanical prototyping in product/process design and qualification; multi-physics simulation; advanced numerical and analytical simulation methodologies and tools.

We thank the following reviewers for their valuable contribution: K. Chiang, R. Lee, E. Madenci, S. Marco, S.H. Pulko, A. Schubert († January 2003), S.K. Sitaraman, A.O. Tay, J.M.J. den Toonder, S. Wiese, I. De Wolf, X.J. Fan, L. Mercado, R. Dudek, B. Vandevelde, M. Meuwissen, A. Wymyslowski, G. Hanreich and E.H. Wong.


L. J. Ernst


G. Q. Zhang