The effect of temperature on several cast low-alloy steels has been investigated in the laboratories of The Chapman Valve Manufacturing Company. ASTM A217-46T Grade WC1, and modifications of this composition, were surveyed thoroughly. The following variables were investigated with respect to structural stability: (1) The effect of aluminum on a cast carbon-molybdenum steel; (2) the effect of furnace practice on a cast carbon-molybdenum vanadium steel; (3) the effect of chromium on a cast carbon-molybdenum steel; (4) the effect of vanadium on a cast carbon-molybdenum steel; (5) the effect of various combinations of chromium, vanadium, and titanium on a cast carbon-molybdenum steel; and (6) the effect of chromium, nickel, and high molybdenum on a cast carbon-molybdenum steel.

The physical properties of the alloys investigated are given in detail. Data are presented on the results of McQuaid-Ehn, tensile, Jominy hardenability, creep, and weldability tests. Photomicrographs are used to illustrate structural stability after various aging cycles. New work is presented to illustrate the effect of aging at elevated temperature on static bend bars and V-notch Charpy bars.

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