The following technical briefs were submitted, peer reviewed, and accepted for presentation at the 2014 University of Minnesota's Design of Medical Devices (DMD) Conference ( held Apr. 7–10, 2014 at The Commons Hotel and McNamara Alumni Center in Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN. The conference had another successful year with attendance reaching over 1,100 and raised $139,000 from 41 sponsors. The money raised will support medical devices education at the University of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota Medical Devices Center, and the DMD Conference expenses.

Each year, this leading international forum invites high quality technical submissions from the academic, clinical, and/or industry medical device community. This September issue consists of accepted papers in the following technical scientific poster session tracks: Medical Device Product Development Process, Surgical Tools, Engineered Tissues, MEMS/Nano, and Special Devices.

Several of the papers in this issue were among the top ten contributed papers that described medical...

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