The majority of hospitalized patients require the insertion of a catheter as part of their medical treatment. For catheters to be connected to external devices, barbed connectors are often employed. If this connection is ever disrupted, a direct channel from the environment to the patient's internal body may be introduced , leading to a life-threatening emergency. Current methods of securing catheter tubes to connectors have various limitations that have prevented their widespread adoption. The authors present a device, called the Catheter Connector Clamp (C-3), that will securely clamp multi-size catheter tubes to existing barbed connectors to increase the security and repeatability of the connection. The authors also propose a method for comparing the effectiveness of current catheter connection solutions to their C-3 design using maximum pull-off force. On silicone medical tubing, the C-3 clamp performed more than twice as well as friction alone (2.09 times more), and 25% better than the hospital gold-standard taped connection.

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