by V. K. Varadan and L. Chen. ASME, and Momentum Press, LLC, New York, 2012, 80 pp., $89.95, ISBN: 978-0-7918-6006-9


With advances in telecommunication and information technologies, efficient and reliable telemedicine has come into practice. These technologies enable the improvement of the health care system, particularly the improvement of diagnostics and monitoring. Recent advances in wearable monitoring systems have led to many clinical and health care applications. The research on mobile wearable health monitoring systems for telemedicine is an interdisciplinary field, involving electrical and electronic engineering, information system technology, nanotechnology, mechanical engineering, biology, and medicine. The systems typically include the sensing and data collection facilities, the communication facilities, and the data-processing techniques. The advancement of the systems would improve the quality of health care and eliminate the distance barriers in medicine. Wearable biomonitoring systems are used to collect physiological data and enable the monitoring of...

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