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Just Accepted Manuscript

Research Papers August 11, 2022
Study on antifriction mechanism of surface textured elliptical bearings
Research Papers August 8, 2022
Dynamic force and moment characteristics of annular gaps - Simulation results and evaluation of the relevance of the tilt and moment coefficients
Research Papers August 8, 2022
Effects of Water Contamination on Micropitting and Rolling Contact Fatigue of Bearing Steels
Research Papers August 4, 2022
Study on Tribological Properties of Oxygen-doped High Entropy Alloy Coating Against Brush Wires at High temperature
Research Papers August 1, 2022
Investigations on the Load Capacity of Multi-layer Foil Thrust Bearing Based on an Updated Complete Model
Research Papers August 1, 2022
Performance sensitivity analysis of natural mineral silicates filled friction composites using GD – ANN approach
Research Papers August 1, 2022
Tribological Behaviour of Mg/Fe3O4 Recycled Nanocomposites Processed Through Turning Induced Deformation Technique
Research Papers July 18, 2022
Contact unloading behaviors of elastic-power-law strain hardening material considering indenter elasticity effect
Research Papers June 2, 2022
An analysis of the load distribution characteristics of a cylindrical roller bearing including the component deformation and waviness
Research Papers May 26, 2022
Solvation CoMFA-QSTR and CoMSIA-QSTR models for predicting the anti-wear properties of lubricant additives
Research Papers April 26, 2022
Contact characteristics analysis of deep groove ball bearings under combined angular misalignments and external loads
Research-Article November 20, 2017
Effect of milling time on sliding friction and wear behavior of hot isostatically pressed titanium alloys Ti-6Al-4X(X=V, Nb Fe) for biomedical applications
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