Several ASME journals have adopted stringent policies regarding publication of papers containing numerical or experimental results.

For example, the Journal of Heat Transfer and the Journal of Fluids Engineering require, for numerical work, (1) a short statement indicating that a mesh refinement study has been conducted and noting the convergence rate (h-based) of the numerical method used, and (2) a parameter sensitivity analysis in the absence of experimental evidence verifying the numerical results. For experimental work, the Journal of Heat Transfer requires (1) a thorough uncertainty analysis of the measurements (bias and precision), (2) in the case of time-varying results, first order uncertainties must be reported, and (3) in the case of models to fit experimental results, the confidence intervals or correlation values must be reported. For greater detail, see their web pages at <∼heatran/subminfo.html#uncertainty >.

On occasion, readers, authors, and associate editors have expressed the opinion that the quality...

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