Contributed by the Turbomachinery. Division of THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS for publication in the JOURNAL OF TURBOMACHINERY. Manucript received January 17, 2004; final revision February 8, 2004. Associate Editor: D. Wisler.

I was pleased and honored to be invited to make the opening presentation of the International Gas Turbine Institute Budugur “Bud” Lakshminarayana Memorial Session. It has been a privilege to know and work with Bud for over 30 years, and the sole purpose of my talk is to celebrate his accomplishments and contributions, and a life well lived.

I have always thought of Bud primarily as a teacher, a title I hold in the highest regard. He taught through his lectures, writings, research, and, most of all, by example. My first professional contact with Bud occurred when I was working in the turbine technology group at Pratt & Whitney in the late 1960’s, and we were...

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